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Duolingo should add a dark mode

Whenever I forget to do duolingo until late at night, i'm always blinded by the bright white interface. Would it be possible to add a dark mode?

January 20, 2018



Some users have created custom themes for the web version before such as https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1853274. I can't comment on how effective they are though. I'd much prefer an official dark mode that also works on the app.


Thanks, i've installed that now


Have you considered using a blue light filter on your device(s)? You can find many software programs / apps that will do the trick.

I use f.lux on my desktop and EasyEyes on my phone and tablet (both Android). Both sync with your local sunrise and sunset times. Works like a charm.


I use https://justgetflux.com as well, not only does it filter blue light at certain times, it also has a darkroom option where dark text on white becomes red on black, which - as the name indicates - is useful in dark rooms =)


Here's a dark theme I have created: https://userstyles.org/styles/151083/duolingo-true-dark

I thought I had created a very good dark version...but then I realized I had only taken my software color filters into account during development and not my hardware ones (screen). As a result, the dark version won't look at good to you as it does to me but it still seems to be the most popular dark theme atm.

The biggest issue of many "dark" versions of sites is that they simply invert black and white / dark and bright. But that yields something as bad or even worse for your eyes. Why? Because an important aspect of the issue is the difference between the brightness of different elements on a website. Additionally it also matters which color is the background and text color: gray text on a white background is less readable compared to gray text on a black background. The equivalent of black text on a white background isn't white text on a black background but rather a shade of gray for the text. A great dark version takes these considerations into account. A dark version =/= just an inversion of all colors / the brightness of colors but rather a whole different balancing act.

@Duolingo please implement a dark version of the app. A lighter version of my style script should look absolutely awesome. (My style script looks awesome to me since my screen brightens dark colors - a lot - (Black eQualizer set to 20) and has contrast set to max, after which dimming yields normal looking colors and a lower range between "white" (now a shade of gray) and black, which is really easy on the eyes. You can try these setting on a BenQ screen in combination with my style script, I swear it looks very good :P)


Actually, I just installed it and I really like it! Have a lingot. :)


You could make your own mode, like I did:


I'm more referring to the white background colour, not the banner.


How did you add you're own customized banner??


Thanks for that, Pentaan! Have a lingot :)


The duolingo boost extension in the chrome store has a dark mode option.


I really want to see DUO add a dark mode, until they add it you can use the chrome extionsion that I have created which allows you to change the colors and font of DUO, https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/duolingo-appearance/oifnhalickiahlaoacabfafjaibhhimo.


I also learn at night, and night is my day. Please, Duo.


It is a must-have for modern sites to have a dark mode. Our eyes feel too much pain nowadays because we use our screens a lot more often than in the past. So, we should adapt our technologies to our tired eyes.

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