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how to learn English from movies and songs ?

January 20, 2018



Listen to popular music from the UK/US. Youtube is your best friend.


anyone can help me in this ??


I would read books for young children and watch kids movies. These have the most basic words and if you miss a few words it is still good


I think similar to leaning any language from songs.

Pick a band that you like / song that you like.

Listen to it a few times, without reading the lyrics. Try to understand it all.

Then listen to it while reading the lyrics.

If you don't understand some words, look them up in the dictionary.


First, pick movies and bands/songs which you actually like.

Watch those movies with English subtitles, no dubbing or voice-over. I watched hundreds of movies this way during the past ~10 years.

Google the translations of lyrics of your favorite songs, try to remember them. Then, when you are listening to them, you'll eventually understand the meaning of them. For example, when I am commuting, I listen to English and Japanese music while on the bus. That way, you'll stay in touch with the language you want to learn and improve your listening comprehension.

Also, try reading in that language - it may be news, short articles about your hobbies or books. At first, you may need to look up a lot of vocabulary, but later you'll realise that you already recognize the words and on the way, you'll pick up slang and casual phrases :)

I wish you good luck!


Obviously watching English movies and English songs helps to improve your English listening, Big time! But first you must have a basic English knowledge. Starting off with movies to learn English is not a good Idea and more importantly doesn't work. For me, English movies and songs are more like a motivation to keep my appetite wet about English life and culture. And one more thing, you learn real English through movies and songs, not coursebook English. I explain more about ways of learning English through movies here https://languyesh.ir/یادگیری-زبان-انگلیسی-با-فیلم/ and learning English through English songs and music here https://languyesh.ir/آموزش-انگلیسی-آهنگ-شعر-موسیقی/ both articles are in Persian language though.


Hi Ali. Even though English is not my native language, I have movies, TV shows and songs to thank for improving in it over the years. I think this is one of the best ways to learn popular slang, listen to native speakers and have daily mini language courses. As I am truly passionate about languages and unique methods of learning them, I have written these articles on Tips to learn English with songs and How to learn with movies and TV shows: https://www.justlearn.com/blog/can-you-learn-english-with-songs-our-tips https://www.justlearn.com/blog/5-tips-to-learn-english-through-movies-and-tv-shows

Let me know if any of them worked for you or if you maybe found a better method so that I can try it out.

Best, Andrijana

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