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Just finished my first tree!

While I took my time and spent a year and a half on the first 90% of the tree, this past week I did the final push, and today I finished. There have been a lot of days where I felt completely overwhelmed by the language, and I still have a ton of things that I need to work on, but I'm really happy about this milestone!

Next on the docket will probably be the reverse tree and then maybe laddering French into Spanish. I also recently started listening to France Culture radio (https://www.franceculture.fr/) and going through some of the lessons on the tv5monde website (http://apprendre.tv5monde.com/fr/).

Any other (free or cheap) suggestions are welcome! And to those still working on their first tree, bonne chance!

January 20, 2018



Félicitations ! Alors il y a le hibou doré au bout de ton arbre. :-) Bon courage pour tes études !


Merci beaucoup! Oui, il porte une belle echarpé française!



The feeling is amazing, isn't it? :)


I may have a recommendation: In order to practice and improve my reading in my foreign languages, I sometimes buy books in those languages. Today this is super-easy -- there are e-book versions that are not necessarily expensive.

This is my best method: Reading about a topic that I find interesting (for example, Karate, History of Arts, the culture of the country in which the language is spoken) in the foreign language, by a native speaker of that language. This gives me a great feeling of achievement.


I started doing this somewhat recently. I prefer physical copies when I can get them, but that's not always super easy where I am. Luckily, I travel a lot for work, and I was fortunate enough to go to 3 francophone areas in 2017 (Lausanne, Paris, and Ottawa - which sorta counts!), and each time I picked up a book. I definitely agree that it's best to find books that are actually interesting to you. I got a children's book once, and it didn't hold my interest. Plus, books on history, travel, food, and science will probably help me with the vocabulary that I actually need!


Felicitations! I recommend the free podcast series Coffee Break French and Coffee Break Spanish. Boukili.ca is a really nice app with lot’s of free storybooks to practice reading, if you are not deterred by the fact that it’s designed for kids, the content is great to start reading.. and of course the duolingo stories are great if you haven’t checked them out yet!


I love the Duolingo stories! I'm trying to space them out a bit so they last longer. I'll admit that I struggle quite a bit with them at times, but I just stick to it and try to learn all the grammar that I'm not familiar with. I just went through a couple stories on Boukili.ca, and it's quite fun. It is funny that there's no option to say the stories are for yourself!


Félicitations! Have you done the stories [http://stories.duolingo.com/] yet?


I've done all but one from the first set. I'm spacing them out so that I get to keep doing them longer. But now with Boukili, that might not be super necessary


Great job! I have yet to finish my first one!


Keep going! I wanted to make sure I understood everything instead of just blowing through it, so a part of me thought I'd never make it. You've got this though!


Congradulation, TV5 it's a good idea


Well done. I find this French radio station quite good to listen to: http://canalacademie.radio.net


Congrats!!! Next you can do stories


The duolingo stories are great! I can't wait for a third batch!


I forgot to tell you you have to enter in duolingo.com and look for you name and pswd they are great

[deactivated user]

    Congratulations! Félicitations!

    I would see if there are any local French speaker groups in your area. This would get you speaking immediately, and this is the most important thing to becoming fluent. Maybe HelloTalk to chat with some native French speakers? They could use your help in English! Mayne Tandem?

    As for me I'm going to a Spanish/French group today. I'm fluent in Spanish but terrified of the French! Haha. Wish me luck!


    I've seen that there's a French group that meets near me (and at my favorite coffee shop no less!), but I'm a little nervous to start, only because my speaking is, well... terrible. But I'm thinking it's time to just bite the bullet and jump in. Best of luck to you as well!


    How do you do/what is the reverse tree? I have seen people post about it but don't know what it is. Thanks


    Congratulations! Did you complete each section and move on? Did you keep them all gold as you went or spend time strengthening every so often? Or did you find that continuing on helped anyway?


    I tried my hardest to keep everything gold before I moved on, but as you know, there are times when it feels impossible to keep up. It feels like you aren't getting anywhere and there are 10-15 skills that need practicing, and that's a huge time sink. When that happened, I would just run through and finish a new skill. Usually this would usually give me a ton of motivation to then go back and make sure everything was gold. However, even then sometimes it took about a week to get back on track.

    In practice, I probably did about half of my new skills while everything was gold and half when there were giant chunks that were not gold. The hardest things for me to learn was that if you wait until you're completely confident in your abilities before you move on, you'll never move forward.


    Congratulations and good luck for your reverse tree :) And thank you for sharing those extra links too - they are really good! There is kwiziq french too: https://www.kwiziq.com/ . Although it is paid, what comes free and what they send to your e-mail is worthwhile.


    I tried kwiziq's first fluency test, but was turned off by the price. I'm always fine paying for things, but I want to know how much they provide and whether it will suit my needs first. Kwiziq was a little confusing to me. Does the free portion allow you to take tests to see how you're progressing and provide materials that are suited to your particular needs? It seemed like it does, but was capped at a certain number.


    Mientra tomo mi tiempo gastado un año a mitad en el primero 90% de arbol esta pasad semana hizi el final empujar,y hoy yo terminado.hay haber estado muchos dias donde sintio completamente abrumado poe el lenguage y todabia tengo a tonelada de cosas que yo necesito a trabajar en,pero yo estoy feliz acerca de esto hito.

    Siguiente el legajo sera problablemente la marcha atras del arbol.Ellos talves escalera Frances dentro Español.yo ademas recientemente empezadoa a aprender Frances cultura en radio mediante algo de leccion en la Tv mundo sitio web

    Any otrp

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