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  5. "And before dinner?"

"And before dinner?"

Translation:Et avant le dîner ?

January 20, 2018



I said "souper", which is a synonym for "diner", and it did not accept my answer. Souper is how you say dinner in Canadian french at least


The French on Duolingo is based the France dialect. I am Canadian, so I am learning Canadian French, so I get confused sometimes too.


"Souper" is not a synonym of "dîner" in France.

"Un souper" is a late dinner you can have after theater or whatever you do between @7pm and @10pm.


meals are indeed called differently in French from France and Canadian French.

petit-déjeuner vs déjeuner (breakfast)
déjeuner vs dîner (lunch)
dîner vs souper (dinner)

I guess you should flag it to ask them to add it into their database.


Why le if it doesn't say the?


You can write "and before the dinner" as well. While French requires the article, it is optional in English in this case.


when do I know when I have completed 36 skills and why does it not take me to where I left off instead of having to keep clicking on to 36 skills?


I wrote "et avant de dîner". Why is this marked wrong?


Shouldn't "Et avant diner" be correct? Even though it doesn't translate literally, it has the same meaning and works just as well in conversation.


The article "le" before dîner is necessary. With only a few exceptions, you need to have an article before a noun in French.


For me it said I missed the "le"


"Et avant dîner ?" should also be accepted. I'm French and this does not shock me :O

[deactivated user]


    French is my mother language > so translation "Et avant diner" is also correct

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