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How to keep myself motivated?

When I started with Duolingo lessons I improved my skills. But when I have to go to college I am totally not motivated for Duolingo every day, and I can not keep my streak going because I skip lessons one day, then I do one lesson tomorrow and so on...

Do you know any good methods to keep yourself motivated and inspired? Thanks...

January 20, 2018



Set your daily goal low, to 1XP or something, and make yourself a reminder to return every day to do a lesson. :)


you should just remember that the more days you practise the better you get at languages!


Ha ha. That is true. :-D


don't expect to be motivated all the time, it just won't work bc our brains are lazy. You have to remember ur goal & force yourself through it and maybe eat a cookie afterwards or whatever you like


I like cookies. Thx for advice.


Unless you are going to be in a situation you need another language after college. Focus on college, get your GPA up find internships. Getting a high paying job opens up doors to free time and travel.


Good way of thinking... I started learning Norwegian because I will probably get a scholarship for studying there so I can ski for FIS.


Right now I'm learning French, and I've always has a personal connection to the language because I am actually French and I have several family members speak French. Some family members that I had generations ago spoke French and lived in France. The thing that keeps me motivated is the hope that one day I can speak in the language of my ancestors. I really, really want to go to France. I recommend trying to learn a language that is special to you. You don't even have to change your language. I went to Rome last year and I really wanted to learn Italian to prepare for the trip, so I started learning. You can learn SO MUCH about a culture from a language. I hope this helps (sorry it's so long!)


You do not have to apologize bcoz it is long. I also have origins in Norway and I am inspired by that, but then sometimes I lose all the hope that I will go there one day...

[deactivated user]

    I had a very similar story with Spanish since my family is Mexican but they all speak English. Thanks for sharing that!

    [deactivated user]

      Motivation is often closely tied to how often we feel that we've been exposed to that language. I mean, if you haven't studied for over a week then you will feel less motivated than you would if you studied just last night. And the streak feature here, while it doesn't indicate intensity, at least lets us know consecutive days. So set your daily xp requirement to 10. Make lessons a specific part of your day. Like when you wake up, one lesson is the first thing you do. When you go to bed, another lesson. Both can be done together in less than 10 minutes. If you eat breakfast, do a lesson at the same time. When you make it a part of your routine, you will barely be aware that your studying but when you feel extra motivated you can see "wow I've studied every day for 100 days!" You'll feel motivated to continue when you see that number grow. As someone with over 700 days, believe me, this works. Also, get streak freezes. Good luck!


      Thanks for advice everyone! I will try all of these ways to keep going.


      Link it to a current routine/habit. For example, always do a quick duo lesson when you eat breakfast or right before/after you brush your teeth. Eventually it will become automatic. I do this for other things, not duo, and it works quite well. Or find some other ways of being exposed to the language. I always listen and sing along to Spanish music when I shower, watch Spanish dramas while I use the treadmill and I turn on Spanish subtitles even on English shows/movies. This way even when my zeal for duolingo (and other methods) wanes, I'm still practicing and learning on a daily basis, because that is what really matters, not a streak.

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