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New function in the Chinese(Mandarin) course

Has anyone else noticed this? There was an update yesterday (1/19/2018) and now you have "lives" or "health" on the app and once you make enough mistakes you have to either buy more lingots to get more health or go back and practice older lessons and get 1 health update. I find this very frustrating and sneaky of Duolingo. I really thought they had the honorable intention of teaching people languages but they are obviously just in it for the money. They've really degraded themselves and shown their true colors in my opinion! Do they have this for all the other languages?

January 20, 2018



I agree with you, the Health system is very unfair. You can discuss it here if you want: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22376026


Lucky that you're only just getting this update now


This isn't a Chinese update; it is an app update. You are not the only one who is less than pleased with "health". [The website (imo) is superior in so many ways!!] See: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22874501 for more information, but here is an excerpt that pertains to your problem:

"How do I restore my Health? You practice previous material to restore it. Each lesson practiced will restore one bar. Or you can take a break and let it refill on its own. Five bars is considered “full” Health. For those who still want to binge on Duolingo without taking a break or taking the time to review lessons, Health can also be refilled with Gems.

But why? Because it’s better for learning. Our research shows that if people advance too quickly on Duolingo in one day, it can actually negatively impact their learning because they are less likely to remember what they’ve learned. We know that users learn best when they study every day and take the time to practice and review what they’ve learned. The Health feature encourages users who are making mistakes to take a breather and review previous lessons before moving forward."

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