#1 Japanese Word of the Week

こんにちは!Inspired by Super-Svensk's Swedish Word of the Week I've made a Japanese word of the week!

Japanese word: 枝

Kunyomi: Eda

Onyomi: Shi

Strokes: Eight

English Translation: Branch

Sentence with 枝: 木は枝を広く張った。

Translation: The tree spread its branches abroad.

Listen to a native speaker:

JLPT level: N2

Use 枝 in a sentence in the comments below!


January 20, 2018


Good initiative, honestly, but the sentence you wrote as an example is incorrect. I suggest you use for other examples, so that we all learn from higher sources than us learners.

January 20, 2018

I'm really sorry about that. I'll change it and next time I'll double-check my example sentence.

Again, I'm so sorry for making that mistake.

January 21, 2018
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