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  5. How is this supposed to work?


How is this supposed to work?

All the "course" does is ask things repeatedly. It doesn't actually teach anything - i.e. introduce and explain something.

Am I missing something here?

Is this a tool that's supposed to only be used in conjunction with something else? Or is just taking an initial wild guess at the questions and then seeing the correct answer afterwards supposed to be the method by which things are taught?

January 21, 2018



When you do the practice lessons, the words/phrases should show the English translations when you hover over them without your mouse or click on them. You might be doing the tests, it's a way you can skip doing all the lessons if you know the content already. But yes, there is lots of repetition. It's to help you remember stuff, but it can get annoying after getting the same questions several times in a row.


> the words/phrases should show the English translations when you hover over them

They do.

Guess I was just expecting something else.


Everything takes time to get used to.


When you open skills on the internet you should see some tips and notes to explain grammar elements introduced in that skill. They are not available on the apps yet unfortunately.


If you wanna learn about grammar, and some vocabulary I should advice you to use the app LingoDeer. Thanks to that app I'm understanding better what I'm doing in Duolingo

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