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Hi people learning korean

Hello, I just wanted to say that. I am learning this because I am not only interested in the culture, translation would be an amazing job. If you think the same, I would love to know. I am way to nosy for my own good, but, whatever, you know.

Thanks for reading no one is prolly gonna answer me but okayyy

January 21, 2018


[deactivated user]

    I wanna understand Korean so I don't have to wait for English subs when watching drama haha.


    Totally. I understand perfectly.


    same same sameeeeeeeeeeeee that is like, my third reason


    um... what was your first reason? just curious


    sorry for getting back to you so late, but I just wanna do translation lol


    Same BTS brought me here




    bts kinda started it, but i think i also just wanted to learn something AND DEVOTE MYSELF TO IT SINCE MY MOM WON'T LET ME GET PIANO LESSONS.


    idk why caps lock is on sorry


    Bonjour à tous! ;p Je vous souhaite bonne chance et bon courage!

    Way to go! 힘내세요!!! :D


    P.S: BTS rocks!


    Hey learning Korean here too! :D


    Hello! I really enjoy listening to music all over the world, including Korean music (BTS is awesome by the way) and I always thought it would fun to listen without having to solely depend on translations. I love learning about other cultures too! I'm spending most of my time studying Spanish since its the most practical language to learn based on where I live. I'm learning Korean more for fun and I'm really enjoying it. :) Good luck with your studying! Working as a translator or interpreter would be really cool!


    I am interested in the culture too and love the music XD


    My Spanish teacher said theres a program out there where they're looking for people to learn new languages like Korean and they'll send kids to korea in hopes they'll become translators.


    Hello! I'm learning because I wish to expand my business into Korea, and I'll be moving to Korea in about 3 weeks haha. But I have some friends who do Translation and they love the job! I'm sure you'll enjoy that work too! Happy studying :)


    good luck on your trip


    Not going to lie, at first I wanted to start learning Korean because of BTS and Got7. But now I'm actually genuinely curious about the language and the culture and I hope to travel to South Korea and be able to fluently speak and carry on conversations haha


    Korean is one of the many languages I have wanted to learn for a while now. I dunno why, but since I was young I've always been fascinated by Asian culture, language, and just the country of Asia itself. I always kind of procrastinated on learning though, but I was soon brought an infiration that made me really want to learn. Both BTS and kdrama lol. After this I want to learn Japanese so I wouldn't be able to verify as a weeaboo, and then Thai--maybe Chinese--and finally Hebrew. Lol im such an over achiever. infiiiiirrrressss mannnnnnnnn


    Oh my gosh, same. Since i was 3 I learned of pokemon and that just shot it off. As soon as I figured it was Japanese this happened. I have an opportunity to learn so many Asian languages now, and I can't pass it up. For some reason the continent and culture just seems, happy. And honestly, no one knows how they got roped into the cultures unless they have direct connections. My cousin is learning mandarin, so I was like "I want to learn something." and so I'm here now. My life is weird.


    Same here(only it started with Japan).


    I am from Chile, and finish English now I am finally studying Korean ... because for those of us who speak Spanish, the platform to learn Korean is not yet available ... P.D:sorry for my english...


    Good luck on learning, and p.s. your english is really good!


    I am currently learning Korean because I love kpop <3


    Hiiiii! I'm learning Korean because of Bangtan so i can watch the Run episodes without subs


    Hello!! im korean.. you like BTS!!!


    Here's a video I made with my language exchange partner to help people learn sports... https://youtu.be/RgSIVbw9JJk I will be making more soon.

    [deactivated user]


      I love your username! [me tooooooo]


      i am not good with korean but i love bts!!


      thanks for the feedback :P


      Hello, fellow army! cheer up! One of your brother/sisters in "arms" will always be near ! and good luck with korean!


      Hi! I am Rain. What have you guys been up to?


      I wanna learn korean so that whenever I'm listening to BTS songs, I don't have to focus on the English subs :)


      I want to learn Korean because the band "Perfume" makes great songs. Here's a link... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6T0wOMsNrI&list=RDEMliSlYaJjx4dWTJwJgNb-VA


      Well my aunt is from South Korea and also I've been into kpop and other Korean pop culture related things since around 2009 so it was something I'm used to hearing and seeing, so about a year ago I thought I'd try learning properly because I have the most resources available to learn it from and might as well. It's just a want to be able to understand things without subtitles and converse with my aunt so that she isn't so isolated at family events really, hah :)

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