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Need help with sentence? Involves past tense

Hi, I am trying to say Les garçons (fought) (about/over) (who would be the captain).

It doesn't have to be literal necessarily, as long as it makes sense in France.....like if it's easier to say "the person who was to be captain" or something.


January 21, 2018



Perhaps "Les garçons se sont disputés sur qui allait devenir le capitaine."
"The boys argued over who would become the captain."

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I don't know if "sur" is really correct here (although it's definitely understandable). "... à propos de qui allait devenir capitaine" sounds a bit better to me.

That being said Sitesurf's version "les garçons se sont battus pour savoir qui serait le capitaine" sounds best to me.


Les garçons se sont battus pour savoir qui serait le capitaine.


Let's begin with the main verb; do you mean a physical 'fight' or a verbal 'argument?'

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