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Korean Language

Ho to learn Korean language in easy way i could?

January 21, 2018



You can try flashcards since its repetitive or writing them out till you memorise it.


Install lingodeer to your phone and do both Duolingo & Lingodeer :D Both should be fun. While doing so try to listen, watch lots of contents on youtube in Korean regardless of how little you understand. Your eyes and ears need some ample time to get used to them. :D


Try progress by the best free online resource there is, by ttmik (Talk to me in Korean, www.talktomeinkorean.com ). They have really small and comprehensive lessons prepared on their web site. Once you have finished them, test yourself on duolingo. But be aware that it is still in beta.

Ah, plus: Learn the Korean alphabet first. You will be able to do so in less than two hours (even though you will not be fluent reading it in that time). If you are a really slow learner, give it 3 hours. And practice writing things (i.e., English names for things) in the Korean alphabet. Practice by use!


Practice, practice, practice....there is no easy way. Memorise the characters pronunciation and memorize the words

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