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Ordinal numbers as adjectives

Hi, My understanding is that Ordinal Numbers function as adjectives if they are before a noun.

For example... Er sieht den ersten Vogel.

In the sentence above "den ersten" is there because the "Vogel" is in the Accusative section of the Weak Declension chart. "Vogel" being the Direct Object.

Is this correct?

Also, can someone show me a sentence with an ordinal number in the Dative?

I have no Declension preference for this request (either Strong, Mixed, or Weak). Just trying to wrap my mind around this.

Thanks !!!

January 21, 2018



Yes, that's correct. And in the dative, adjectives all just take the -en ending.

Er wird der dritten Person das erste Geschenk geben.


That is wrong.

"Er wird der dritten Person das erste Geschenk geben."

  • m: dem ersten, dem zweiten, dem dritten, ..., dem achtzehnten (Mann)
  • f: der ersten, der zweiten, der dritten, ..., der fünfunddreißigsten (Frau)
  • n: dem ersten, dem zweiten, dem dritten, ..., dem einhundertfünfundneunzigsten (Kind)

Please be aware that -ig numbers (such as vierzig) take -igste- and not -igte-.


You are right, my bad. I keep thinking Person is masculine, not the first time I've done that!

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