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Resetting tree, will I lose my xp points and level?


I've been lucky enough to be chosen as an alpha tester for the new Spanish course. The new course looks like the old course with dozens of new skills added near the beginning of the course. There is a suggestion to reset the tree. I have found out how to reset the tree. I'm quite happy to reset the tree, but I don't want to lose my Spanish Xp points and level. If I reset the tree will I lose my Spanish xp points and level? I can't find anywhere that spells that out

January 21, 2018



Yup, you lose everything. :( at least you'll get a new course, right?


thanks for your reply. I'm disappointed though that thats what happens. I don't see why they have two buttons then as the same thing would happen with remove [more or less...I realise you'd have to go and add the course again]. I was hoping to start the tree afresh for the sake of fully doing the complete new course but not lose my progress. I take it there's no way of doing that then?


You can just redo every skill. That's what I have just started doing - from the beginning of the tree, I just redo all levels within a skill, or I test out of a skill... This way you don't lose anything.


thanks Karel, that's what I've ended up deciding to do


Your XP and level disappear when you reset a tree.


By jingo duolingo users you'se are Right! I just tested it with my lowest level course, Danish, and resetting the tree wiped out my xp points to zippo. Glad I checked and didn't wipe out my spanish level. Thanks for the heads up.


ps my spanish flag in comments here is still showing level 2 but that's because a change in levels seems to take a while to register in the discussion flags. On my levels check I'm defs back to zip.


Well the word RESET should give you a clue.


From dictionary.com:

"reset [verb ree-set; noun ree-set] Spell Syllables Examples Word Origin See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com verb (used with object), reset, resetting. 1. to set again: to reset an alarm clock; to reset a broken bone. 2. to set, adjust, or fix in a new or different way: to reset priorities; to reset prices. 3. to illegally set back the odometer on (an auto or other vehicle) to a lower reading: a used-car dealer charged with resetting his cars. verb (used without object), reset, resetting. 4. to become set again: The alarm bell resets automatically. noun 5. an act or instance of setting again. 6. an act or instance of setting, adjusting, or fixing something in a new or different way: A reset of relations between the two countries may be impossible. Company executives recognized the need for a reset in their business. 7. something that is set again. 8. a plant that is replanted. 9. a device used in resetting an instrument or control mechanism."

Can't see anything in those definitions that specifies that RESET has to involve setting something to zero, or losing all progress. Yes, of course that was one possibility. But to someone who hasn't been on the site as long as you likely have and are less familiar, I think it could also have been possible that it reset your tree to the start without losing your points. Seeing as you are so smart, can you explain to me why the latter wasn't a possible interpretation? Do you feel better about yourself by trying to belittle someone?


All your progress and XP will be reset, but you'll have a lot of new material and skills to learn! :D


But I already have a lot of new skills to learn. Are you saying there will be more?


I'm saying that although you'll lose your progress, you'll have more skills to learn because you're alpha test the new course. :)


thanks. But what i'm saying is that i had previously completed the full spanish tree. Since I've been added as an alpha tester a whole bunch of new skills have already been added that I can use right now without deleting my progress.


Is there any disadvantage to not wiping out progress? I'm not sure how the new level system is meant to work for the new spanish course.

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