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Real Traditional German Food Menu Items

I have made 2 decks where you will find traditional German dishes complete with pictures and descriptions!

(This is not how to say food words like Apple in German. These are dishes that you will definitely see on German menus.)

Please let me know if there is anything I can add and please favorite it on Tinycards if you like it :)

Regular meals: https://tiny.cards/decks/94921dc1-f8e0-42e6-a544-8ace090de37c

Desserts: https://tiny.cards/decks/ed40a766-8bdb-40c2-bfea-39820c65bff1

Snacks soon to come! :)

January 21, 2018



Bratwurst is also typical German and it's delicious! :P

You only want German dishes or also Austrian? Because they also speak German there. If you do, I've got a lot more for you, or if you want to make one with only Austrian, I would love to help you! :)


I was going to add Austrian dishes in, but I decided for this particular deck to add food that still exists in Germany today. (German set particularly)

But if you could name Austrian dishes that would be a great idea for a separate set! :) I do not know much about Austria.


I'm half Austrian, so I know a lot of dishes. Typical Austrian dishes are;

  1. Tiroler Gröstl
  2. Germknödel
  3. Käsespätzle
  4. Zwiebelrostbraten
  5. Schweinsbraten
  6. Wiener schnitzel
  7. Tafelspitz
  8. Semmelkren


  1. Gulaschssuppe (originally Hungarian, but a typical Austrian soup)
  2. Kaspressknödelsuppe


  1. Apfelstrudel
  2. Kaiserschmarrn
  3. Reindling
  4. Sachertorte
  5. Salzburger Nockerl


Now I am hungry. Nice job.


Thanks! :) I just put out desserts https://tiny.cards/decks/ed40a766-8bdb-40c2-bfea-39820c65bff1


Was schmekt so gut?


"Gaisburger Marsch" in Baden County is also known as "Verheierte", a local hrase for "married ones" , where soup is married to meat, Spätzle and potatoes.

I did the whole set in one go. Some of the dishes I did not know or see before - and I am native German. Great job.


Thank you for the fact!

The reason I included traditions from many regions of Germany instead of just the most popular is because there is different food everywhere, even in your own country. Plus, there are many Bavarian dishes that are not eaten anywhere else in Germany than certain places. :)

There were many different countries part of Germany way back then and some of their food traditions actually stuck. You'll notice that if you google some, multiple countries come up. I just find it very interesting.

If you liked the meals, you'll probably find the desserts interesting, as many of them came from other countries as well, but stayed in Germany.



Sauerbraten always is prepared with beef.


Traditionally also horse. At least if it's Rheinischer Sauerbraten. Usually they write Sauerbraten rheinischer Art if they serve beef, which is the usual case nowadays. To be precise, I would expect beef no matter which name they use....


Thanks for the real description of "Leipziger Allerlei" and "Brathering"! ;-) :-)


"Magdeburger Schmalzkuchen" = "Kräppelchen"


Thank you for the fact!


Griazi! Kärntner hier! Da fällt mir ein ein paar Gerichte aus Kärnten!

  1. Kasnudeln
  2. Reindling
  3. Hadntorte
  4. Fritattensuppe
  5. Palatschinken (guat, net unbedingt Kärntnerisch oba kummt aus Österreich)
  6. Fleischreinkalan
  7. Kletzenbrot
  8. Endiviensalat
  9. Ritschert 10.Kasnockeln


Interessant! Danke :)


Spanferkel is an entire piglet, not a grown-up pig. By definition, it has to be a suckling pig.

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