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French timed exercises too difficult - not enough time credit given for correct answers!

As a Duolingo student of four romance languages, I notice that the French exercises are MUCH more difficult than the Spanish, Italian or Portuguese exercises. The sentences are longer, their meanings tend to be more esoteric (less down-to-earth), and, most annoyingly, correct answers are given less time credit (in the timed exercises) than the other languages. Further, where the other languages will let slight mis-spellings slide, the French are way too exact.

Please review and harmonize

January 21, 2018



Not exactly, I am lvl 10 French and I have made some CATASROPHIC MISTAKES but it still let it through.


I find it like that with the Spanish reverse tree


I have been learning French for the past 5 months, and I am having exactly opposite issues. I have been finding the sentences extremely easy, and I occasionally find the multiple choice questions downright hilarious when it comes to challenging a person’s ability in that particular language. I do not find your comment representative of the issues faced by everyone using Duolingo.

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