"Nezapomeň jít do drogerie."

Translation:Don't forget to go to the drugstore.

January 21, 2018

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I guess there’s no distinct English word for "drogerie", but the Wiktionary states that "drogerie" is NOT the same as pharmacy (for which it gives the word "lékárna"). If that’s true, I think it might be a good idea to highlight it in Tips and Notes.

EDIT: I haven't tried "chemist's" as a reverse translation - would it work?


yes, Chemist's and drugstore would work as well. The problem is that, specially in the US (CVS, Wallgreens, etc. ) are a combination of everything. It really is a convenient store with a pharmacy in the back. This is not the case in Czech republic. Pharmacy (Lékarna) is strictly a place where you get both prescription and over the counter drugs. And you cannot really get them anywhere else. Not even aspirin or ibuprofen or cough syrup. In the U.S. you get all of the over the counter at every gas station. So it is difficult to align a proper translation for two vastly different places.

Drogerie in Czech is a place where you get all cosmetics, all cleaning products, toothpaste, shampoo, diapers but no drugs.


Given what you say, I think the main DL translation should be "drug store" rather than "pharmacy".


Well, there are some exceptions, kind of - some drugstores have pharmacy in its premises, but the pharmacy goods are sold by special staff with separated cash registers.


In Czech? I have not seen those... yet at least.


That is how it works in Poland with our drogeria. Sometimes with a separate pharmacy inside, but aspirin etc. can be bought everywhere, even in groceries. This is not the case in Czechia?

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There is a separate counter in one drogerie I know, but it is more like a separate shop in the same large room. Otherwise, very few drugs can be sold in normal shelfs, more likely supplements, vitamins, bandages...


Already said but... A "drogerie [CZ]" is anything but a pharmacy... (If an American is looking for a pharmacy (to find drugs) in Czech Republic and says : "Kde je drogerie", this won't be OK...)


Absolutely, if it's possible. I'd really use "pharmacy" - "lékárna" and "drugstore" for "drogerie". (Even drugstore wouldn't be exactly the same a drogerie but it would be much closer). In fact, the things you may find in most Czech "drogerie" that have somehow to do with health would be things like sun protection or plasters (band-aid). But, as mentioned above, no drugs as such (except in a mini-pharmacy as a distinct shop on the drugstore's presincts.


This is a very unfortunate translation. No, sorry, this is an utterly incorrect translation. I guess this is the way duolingo works: you can translate a drug store or chemist's as "lékárna", so it will work also the other way round. However, it should be crossed out. This might be even quite dangerous / painful for an expat to learn that he can ask for a direction to a pharmacy by asking "kde je drogerie". I have heard countless stories of expats trying to have a conversation with an MD in English, and it's already painful enough without making it harder for them to find a pharmacy.

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