"Creditul companiei mele a crescut de trei ori anul acesta!"

Translation:The credit of my company grew three times this year.

January 21, 2018



I agree that the phraseology leaves the maths ambiguous. Is it intended to mean

"The credit of my company has tripled this year"

Which was marked wrong.

I think this is a problem of mapping mathematical ideas precisely to language rather than a linguistic one as the given answer at least makes sense and reads satisfactorily.

July 31, 2018


David, I agree with you, that from mathematical point of view, the sentence sounds ambiguous ...

" a crescut de trei ori " can mean

1) the credit sum increased 3 times during the last year : first the company got a credit of 2000 $ , later 4000 $ and at the end of the year 8000 $

2) if you want to express that the credit sum tripled , so that the company got first 2000$, later increased the limit to 4000 $ and at the end of the year the limit was on 6000 $ ( == the triple of the first 2000)

you can use the phrases

creditul companiei "s-a dublat" ( the credit doubled ... but in romanian used in the reflexive form of the verb ... a se dubla )

creditul companiei "s-a triplat" ( the credit has tripled ... also used in the reflexive form of the verb ... a se tripla )

March 19, 2019


Thank you for explaining the way to convey the concepts of doubling and trebling. I found your post both interesting and helpful.

March 19, 2019


"The credit of my company INCREASED three times this year."

In legatura cu credit, ca fiind o marime numerica / masurabila ... cred ca sunt mai adecvate verbele To increase / To decrease pentru a exprima cresterea / scaderea ....

altceva e, daca vorbesc despre un aluat de pizza, care a crescut de trei ori dupa ce l-am framantat bine si l-am pus la caldura... atunci verbul To grow e foarte potrivit

March 19, 2019


Credit? Debt, income or assets?

January 21, 2018
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