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I'm So Excited!!!!

I was beginning to think my time to quit French had come. I'm not as good as the other students and I still can almost never understand a recording.* It really was saddening me because it was my fifth year in French class and it felt like I knew nothing. I didn't want to leave right before AP French but I didn't want to be the only senior there and still not be good enough to pass the AP exam. But, last night, I had a dream, IN FRENCH. It wasn't totally French at the worst it was 25% French and at the most it was 75%... so somewhere in that ballpark. My French teacher was also my APUSH teacher and we had to discuss the Civil War in French and while no one said any difficult sentences, we could say basic ones. I could say basic ones! Waking up, I can still say the very minimal explanation of the Civil War in French. I guess this doesn't effect any of you guys but I wanted to share with someone because this feels like a sign that I've learned something. :)

  • If you have any types on how to get better at listening, I'd be thankful.
January 21, 2018



Isn't that the greatest feeling? Congratulations! What a milestone :)

What really has helped my listening (and spelling, believe it or not) is to say every sentence along with Duo. Don't wait for the spoken exercises, say every single one of them. Imitate the vowel sounds and the rhythm. Your listening will improve slowly at first, but if you stick with it, your listening skills will really take off.

Also, if you have the ability to do Duo on a mobile device, instead of typing all the answers use the mic to speak the answers. When you have to speak clearly enough to make your mobile device understand you, you find that you listen a lot more attentively.


Congrats! It is really fantastic to know that your hard work is paying off! Dovetailing what Lrtward said, I found that reading stories out loud and having short, imaginary dialogues helped me. Trying to imitate the sounds helps train the ears and makes them more sensitive to the language. If you like music, singing the lyrics to songs in French is another excellent (and fun) way to improve your listening comprehension.


And if you don't want anyone else to hear you singing French songs or talking to yourself, do it while in the shower. I do this all the time and people only notice when I get really into it and therefore get very loud. :D


congrats mate! i'm only 25% in french i suck at it but i will keep going until i get as good as you. :)


yes, use this app called speechling and it helps with audio, pronounciation. Check it out! theres a free and paid version and i use free. Its really good and it helps! hope i helped


plus can i have some lingots please? It would really help me


I think that what helps also immersing immersing through stuff such as podcasts. Try to translate sentences into your native language or vice versa.


that was probably so cool! I just started french (and loving it).


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