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  5. "감독은 바다를 탐험합니다."

"감독은 바다를 탐험합니다."

Translation:The director explores the sea.

January 21, 2018



What kind of director is this supposed to be? :S

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James Cameron.


탐험: 探險

探(찾을 탐): to search

險 (험할 험): to be far

Therefore 탐험하다: "searching for far away places"; to explore.


險 here means 위험(危險), i.e. danger. 探 is 탐방(探訪), i.e. visit. 探險 literally means to go into a dangerous place.


Thanks (and one lingot! ;) ) for the correction


감독 can be translated into English in different ways depending on the context. Yet it seems so far 감독=director is accepted. Please flag & fix this once for all.

Serious flaw is current Korean courses are 1) Some example sentences are too textbook only style it is very unlikely for one to use this in Korea or Korean speaking communities all over the world.

2) Translation to English exercise should accomodate multiple answers (ex. British englsh words, expressions)

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