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new to duolingo.

Hey, I'm Jen and I'm 28 from Scotland. Up until now I have been using iTalki, Talk To Me In Korean and Korean Class 101 for studying but after being recommened Duolingo I thought I would give it a try.

I am enjoying it so far and would like to make friends on the app to help encourage me.

If you are reading this.. How did you discover Duolingo? Why are you interested in studying Korean?

January 21, 2018



Welcome! Bienvenue! 환영합니다! 어서 오세요! :D

How ye daein, Jen? Well, came to know Duolingo as someone spoke very highly of it in a Korean online community several years ago. We have an evil twin of reddit (https://www.reddit.com) in the US here in Korea. lol

Anyway, since I am a native speaker of Korean, I mostly make use of Duolingo for improving my French. Still, am doing Korean course for English speakers so that I can help learners of Korean like yourself as much as I can while uplifting the quality of the course contents since it is still a Beta version at the moment.

Duolingo is quite good since it is full of polyglots and decent language learners who are almost in a fierce competition to help others (i.e. Q) and share diverse top-notch online language learning resources. There are certain areas and topics where you guys can explain better or share better tips among yourselves than native speakers like me as well. Am sure you will enjoy yourself and get the most out of it. Cheers!

p.s: Speaking of Scotland, they should sell Tennent larger in Korea as local beers suck! Alas, we make decent mobile phones and others but horrible beers at the same time! lol


Ahahaha. I am in love with the Scottish greeting! Most Koreans I have spoken to ask me about England or English things in general so it is nice for someone to know I am not English!!

What inspired you to learn French? I really hope Duolingo is as you describe. I have a lot of respect and appreciation for people who help other people in language learning. Maybe one day I will be confident enough to help other people too!

And I will write a strongly worded letter to Tennant's explaining the demand for good beer in Korea for you. (more of a Guinness girl myself though)


Gled tae meet ye. Well, though stuck on the other side of the earth, was hoping to hear the news of Scotish independence after the vote. You wee Scots let me down! How could you? lol

Back, then there was no way you could tell Brexit would happen later on so your sin's been forgiven. Still, is there any way you guys can kindly consider having another independence vote, please? ;)

Regarding my French learning, it is a long story: Well was once an exchange student in Paris for 6 months. Yet ended up taking courses all taught in English by mostly English and American professors and socialising mostly with other international students in English since I was once prejudiced towards everything about southern or Latin Europe. (ex.Many outsiders have the image of southern Europe as a place filled with lazy, undisciplined ones.) Before going to France my mind was clear: I was curious about them yet did not want to become like them. However, during my stay, everything changed: Now, in a nutshell, to know them is to love them. ;p

P.S: Trust me, as you progress, you will be in a much better position to share tips, answer other learners' Qs than the native speakers from time to time. BTW., it would help if you also try this in addition to Duo: https://www.lingodeer.com

Oh one other thing! Guinness? Thought that was some Irish home medicine. lol On St. Patricks Day, expat folks wearing hats march in Seoul too though they are not all Irish while the locals have no idea what the heck is going on..lol


Don't get me started on Scottish Independence or Brexit! I am STILL very upset about the outcome of both!

And I just got lingodeer yesterday, it seems good, I'm just trying to fit studying around my schedule. I think after my first week or two of studying i'll be in a good routine though. I hope so at least anyway.

Yeah it's Irish but a Scots girl can still have a weakness for it. And I have never understood the excitement of St Paddys Day myself.


I am interested in korean, but right now i'm sticking to Deutsch (german). How i found Duolingo was by looking for free language lessons. So far, it is quite fun, especially because of it's game-ish way of learning, with awards and the like. Keep on studying!


Yeah, It is so much fun how they have done it! I really think it will help me stick to my studying.


it is helping me! :)

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