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  5. "我在房间外。"


Translation:I'm outside the room.

January 21, 2018



Colloquially "我在房間外" is more common.


Or 外邊,both are fine :) 我在房間的外面 Or 我在房間的外邊


'I am out of the room ' > got false -_-


Maybe a native Chinese speaker can tell if I'm right or not, but when I here "我在房间外“, I have the impression that the person is just outside the room (in the next room, down the hall etc.) But your English "out of the room" is very broad; the speaker could be anywhere except in the room (from the next room all the way to the other side of the planet). But if this impression is wrong then it should also be accepted.


I'm not native Chinese either, but I think your impression is on the right track. Technically, I think the Chinese sentence could be taken to mean anywhere outside the room, but I don't think anyone saying it would have that broad of a meaning in mind. So I think "outside of the room" is technically correct, but probably not the best answer. If someone wanted to give that broad of a statement, they would probably just say 我不在房间里.


Report. That's Duo's normal procedure.


It seems that [v] is an allophone of [w]. Is that so? I keep hearing [vang] instead of [wang]


[vai] instead of [wai].


With some Chinese accents, their "w" sounds a lot like a "v." Interestingly, many Chinese speakers struggle to pronounce "v" when speaking English (they replace it with a "w" sound) because there is no real "v" sound in Chinese.


Northern Mandarin dialects tend to pronounce the [w] rather like the labiodental approximant [ʋ] . This sound is found in dialects of many languages and is standard e. g. in Dutch and Danish.


So room, in this case, means any kind of room? Not bedroom, right?

Is bedroom " 床somenthing " ?


Bedroom is 卧室 wo shi


"I am outside the room" is the same as I'm outside the room" I can't be a mistake!!


Why is: "I am outside of the 'bedroom.' wrong?房间 does literally translate as bedroom!


I have never seen 房间 translated (literally or otherwise) as bedroom.


Would "I'm outside" work as a colloquial translation? As in, you're in the room and you ask me where I am and I say "I'm outside"?

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