More Danish please

Duolingo staff, I have enjoyed learning dansk. Can you please create the stories for intermediate learners? Tak

January 21, 2018


I don't think duolingo has a high priority to add danish stories. I think it is more useful to search online for some simple stories, videos or podcasts in danish.

January 21, 2018

Although I wonder if they still add new content to the course, it would be really cool if they did add these stories.

January 25, 2018

Can anyone recommend web resources for someone who knows lidt dansk?

February 6, 2018

Hej. Jeg har fundet en dansk side hvor udlændinge kan lære dansk. Måske er den noget for dig.

Hi. I found a danish site where foreigners can learn danish. Perhaps it is something for you.


February 7, 2018

I can recommend this page.

I noticed that they often skip the ending in short words: have -> ha' , skal -> ska', med -> me', til -> ti' and so on. And that they also often pronounce "også" as "osse". But besides that they have a very precise pronunciation of almost all words. - Or at least for the lesson that I checked.

May 24, 2018

I recommend you to ask a more specific question, and to do it as a new thread. Resources for what and how much do you know?

February 13, 2018

I come here a bit late, but you can try to read Ligetil (, it's news in danish for foreigners. Articles are short. Some words are explained, you can hear the article, they also have video for deaf people in sign language :)

March 24, 2019

Olweg, Tak. Jeg skal læse det.

March 24, 2019
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