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Finished German Tree ... Next Step, all Golden!

It took me a year to get here. There were some time periods when I was pretty much just maintaining (life does get in the way, sometimes), but, over the past month, I managed to push my way through to the end!

I have an idea how far I still need to go. For me, completing the tree is just a beginning! I'd like to be able to listen to ndr.de and "get" most of what's being talked about, or watch the news (Nachrichten) or a program (Sendung) on ard.de without having to pause every few seconds to look something up, or read what's on dw.com also without having to look so much up. After I get more comfortable with the language, I plan to run German backwards ... do a reverse tree.

A few more years, and I hope to be there. In the meantime, though, I'm taking it one day at a time ... and enjoying the little things.

So Danke, Duo ... and much thanks to all in the community who are always so supportive!

January 21, 2018



Sehr gut! Do you think it will take you long to make everything golden again? I'd recommend you to take your time with this.

And doing a reverse tree is a very good idea! Better sooner than later, in my opinion. Do not be afraid to abandon your German-from-English tree, as I can guarantee you that you will learn a lot more from the reverse tree. And are you aware of the fact that not only English-from-German is available, but also Spanish and French? I don't know if you're really interested in learning one of those languages, but if you are, it might be more useful than English as a target language, as you can practice two languages at once. Something to consider, perhaps.


Danke for your comments! Re making the tree golden, I think it will take maybe a month or so - but not much more than that. What I'm really shooting for is not just golden, but "intuitive" (if that makes any sense). I'm at that intuitive point for a lot of the earlier lessons, where the vast majority of the mistakes I make are the fast-fingers-on-the-keyboard type (chuckle).

Right now, I'm looking to become a lot more comfortable with German verbs - and I do that best by simple repetition (do it once slowly to get it right, then do it again for speed - that helps things stick better in my longer-term memory).

At some point, my "life outside of Duo" will become calm enough so that I can spend some time getting started on that reverse tree - which I'd really love to do!

Re other languages, I grew up speaking "border Spanish" (southwestern US) ... and when I tried to learn Spanish in school (a bazillion years ago), I bombed out on it - maybe because my heart wasn't it it? My intention after getting comfortable with German is to learn Japanese (for the fun of it!), while continuing to become more fluent in German. And after that, I'd very much like to be able to learn some real Spanish from German - so it looks like we've got a couple similar methods for learning, hey!?



This website will without a doubt help you with anything you still need help with in German. Links will bring you to other websites and links and textbooks and videos and so much more.


What an incredibly detailed list and set of links! Danke schon; das ist sehr gut!


Now we have the German "Duolingo Stories" to continue improve our abilities. Boom!


I just saw the stories - looks great! So I'll be doing some simultaneous story and getting tree golden work ...


Labs > Duolingo Stories


Gut gemacht! Weiter so.

I agree with your plan to do the Reverse tree. The reverse course has a lot more English to German translation. I found this very helpful for improving grammar skills, increasing vocabulary and reinforcing what you have already learned.


Danke! Und for that 'weiter so' I definitely will!


Congratulations, nice going! Your persistence has served you well. Why not start the reverse tree now? You'll find it very helpful. Ich wuensche dir viel Erfolg!


Thank you for the wish - much appreciated! My biggest real reason for not starting the reverse tree yet is because life outside Duo is making a lot of demands right now - and I've got a doozy of a single focus learning style. So I'm going to hold off on the reverse tree for a few months, until some other things get done. But I WILL start and finish it! Danke again!


Was ist der umgekehrte Baum?


Instead of German from English, learn English from German.


Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Nun sitzt eine kleine goldene Eule am Fuß Deines Baumes. :-)


Danke! I hadn't noticed the owl until you told me to look for it - das ist ausgezeichnet!


Ausgezeichnet! :)


Well done :) I recently completed the tree, having taken a few months off. Because I'd taken a break, I decided to get all my existing subjects golden before finishing the last 10 or so.

I now plan to read some German books (perhaps German translations of books Ich habe schon auf Englisch gelesen). I also want to watch some German films and TV, to increase my exposure to listening.

Viel Glück :)


Danke, and same to you as well!

I sometimes buy magazines to browse through (Der Spiegel = the mirror, Land Leben = country life(?)) down at my favorite bookstore. Also, I have Pu der Bär (Pooh the Bear) sitting on my bookshelf at home. I tried reading it before getting started on Duolingo, and couldn't get past the first sentence even with a dictionary. I tried it again a few months ago, and it was a lot more readable ... hmmm, maybe I should take another crack at that!


Danke :) I have found similar with various books and articles, as I've progressed. We are currently on holiday in Austria and I was reading some German language children's books to my nephew (5) the other evening in a restaurant. They may be designed for kids but I was able to translate 99% of it for him, which was good.

Since reading your post I have started the "reverse tree" :) I have already learned several new words which definitely weren't included in the German tree. Duolingo Stories tends to bring up new words also, so I'm working through those as well, in between practising. Übung macht den Meister!

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