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Lab stories en français !

J'adore les nouvelles histoires dans les "Labs" ! Regardez-le si vous ne l'avez pas déjà

January 21, 2018



i dont really, because its really hard for me to understand, do you have any tips/tricks /apps websites that are fre ot learn frenhc. I love french so badly, i use a multiple of apps, trying to elarn verbs, i use a chat exchange app and i use thiss. I love fench. any suggestions sorry for my spelling, im typing so fast and idek why LOL


Maybe you are trying them too early. I have gone through the tree twice before trying the stories. If I had not done so it would have been impossible for me to understand and identify what was being said! At this stage, I feel I am understanding and following most of dialogue and have almost finished all the stories! As I go through the stories I take exacting notes and then review them after a few hours or the next day and then go through the story again. I find that I am now understanding most of what is being said! Then I do the next story. Since I have one story left, after a few days I will probably go through all the stories again! Anything I miss I will study so I do not miss it again!

There are literally hundreds of resources to learn French for free from any Western language! Instead of chasing them all you should focus on one or two then move on to the next one. The State Department and the DOD have developed language courses through the FSI for diplomats and servicemen. These entire courses, including tapes and records have been digitized are can be downloaded for free from https://fsi-languages.yojik.eu/languages/FSI/fsi-french.html. They have hundreds of other languages as well. What I did was find the Cortina French course and downloaded it in its entirety (https://fsi-languages.yojik.eu/languages/cortina.html). I liked it so much I bought the Cortina book from Thriftbooks so that I can mark it up and write notes in it. I also bought Seymour Resnicks "Essential French Grammar" for less than $2 from Amazon! I went through most of the Cortina course for three months, before starting Duolingo. I use the Cortina Grammar section and the Resnick book to review before each Duolingo exercise. I have also copied the Tips and Notes sections when they are available and will review those periodically, as well as add to them from the Resnick and Cortina book as well as anything else I find online and in the Duolingo discussions for that exercise. You can also go to archive.org and download old French textbooks and grammar books in PDF format for free! I skim through some of them and pick up new words and explanations! Except for new terminology, the language does not seem to have changed appreciably in the last 200 years!

Don't ignore the discussion for any Duolingo question if you are able to. Especially if you have trouble with the question or got it wrong. French experts frequent the discussion and their explanations to other users questions have been very valuable. I am copying and pasting them into a running file when I find them useful. Also, they and other users will post links to websites and videos which give further and more detailed explanations, I look at those too.

After you beef yourself up, you should go back to the stories and try again, I think you will be surprised how much you will understand!


I agree. I love the stories, but they really require a lot of the later grammar in the tree. It would perhaps be nice to have a "Set 0" that is easier than Set 1, just to give people the incentive to push forward. I've only gone through a couple of the stories more than once, as I'm still making my way through Set 2. Once I'm done, I'll probably go through everything at least twice more.

And these tapes are fantastic! I have a lot of long drives to and from work, so I'm thinking I'll download them and make a playlist.

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