"They are"

March 18, 2013


I'm loving this....learning lots! What's the difference between "Eles" and "Elas"?

Ele = He, and Ela = She. Elas it's like "She" on the plural, and Eles it's like "He" on the plural.

They both mean "they", however "Eles" would be used with a group of all masculine things, or a mixture of masculine and feminine things. "Elas" would only be used to represent a group of all feminine things.

So, since "Eles" is feminine and "Elas" is masculine, does that mean a woman should say "Eles" in this context and likewise "Elas" for a man, or does the "Eles/Elas" in this statement refer to a "they" group of women/men? If it's the second one, in a mixed group of men and women, what dictates which pronoun you use?

Just a correction: "Eles" = masculine; "Elas" = feminine. The correct one it's the second. If in a group have just women, so both have to use "Elas"; Else, both have to use "Eles".

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