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January 21, 2018



salut! If you want to chat/improve your french and get alot of vocab then here are my recommendations 1. Use this website/app called Lingvist for vocab 2. Use a chatting app called Hello talk where you can speak with natives. Im not a native but we can chat in french since were both learning it LOL My account is JessicaKings. 3. Use this website called speechling, you can listen to audio, describe pictures in french and pronounce phrases(french pronounciation is hard) If you use the free you can only get 10 phrases a month marked/assessed by a native(im using free) if you do use 10 and your native french teacher checks them you can look at feedback, . Even if you have no more, you can self assess bu doing more but u cant send it to a teacher but if you play back the recorder and it sounds good then your all good to go. 4. use bussu, it helps alot. theres a free version and paid version(i used free cuz im broke DUH ! The free is actually still good and you can get native speakers to correct your work-if you wanna friend me, my name is Jessica Kings) 4. I suggest you watch this youtuer called 'comme une france' shes very good at explaining french(really good) 5. If you can change all you TV shows to French so it speaks the lanuage( I do this at least 3 times a week for 15 mins and it really does help) HOPE I HELPED! BONNE CHANCE!


just tried to add you on HelloTalk and it pulled up no results


Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your tips with the learners of the language. Much appreciated.


bonjour. personne ici?


Mon artiste préféré Loïc Nottet. Quelqu'un d'autre?


I've never heard of Loic Nottet... Is he a singer?


Bonjour, comment ca va?

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