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I don't think that just learning this is enough. We should be able to try to hold a conversation on our own, with the computer, or with other people on the website. Just because we know the words doesn't mean that we're prepared to talk to someone in that language.

4 years ago


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I know what you mean, but you cant really have a conversation before you know some of the words, because you only will say '' Holla yo soy un hombre'', '' Estas bien '' and so on. What i do for example for my English and Spanish, i try to speak it with my friends as much as possible. French on the other hand, none of them speak it or at least fluently, but i try to describe to my self in my mind what i am doing at a certain point in the day. I've realized that by doing that with french on a daily basis i feel more comfortably speaking it, and i retain more words then for example just memorizing them.

4 years ago


Yes I agree with you , try busuu.com ... it is really helpful when it comes to conversations since it allows you to chat with Italians ( for example if you are learning it , and so on ) but when it comes to other skills , Duolingo is the best

4 years ago