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what language is similar to spanish

what do you think. I wanna learn a language that is similar to Spanish .

January 21, 2018



Portuguese and Italian are similar to Spanish.

I think you'll get them confused.


Agree, if OP isn’t very far in Spanish another Romance language can muddle the two in the brain. I gave up Italian in college for this reason.


Italian, French, Romanian, Catalan, latin


Gave you a Lingot, because your correct :)


"you're," not "your"


You forgot Portuguese.

[deactivated user]

    Portuguese and Italian.


    don't forget catalan, which is very related.

    [deactivated user]

      You're right.


      French, portugese and italian. Here are pros and cons of each language 1. french doesnt pronounce letters and has a lot of grammar but its very fun and some words are in English, and french is widley spoken. Also, the culture is so great! 2. Portugese language is very hard to remeber sometimes but the spelling is easier than french 3. Italian is very hard to undertsand as a context, in short you cant properly be fluent in this language because there sentences can mean a variety of different things at once THE EASIEST LANGUAGE TO LEARN OUT OF ALL THREE IS PORTUGESE! But as they say, whatever floats your boat PS im learning french though, so maybe my veiws are not the same as someone whos learning these languages. LANGUAGE WEBSITES/APPS: Lingvist(web)-for vocab Speechling(web)-for vocab/pronounciation/audio-i use free verion, but you could buy Hello talk (app)-chat/record voice/video call/phone call with natives Busuu-like duolingo but the phrases are very uselful. You can get the free version or paid verion, i use free cuz I'm broke but the free is still good :) HOPE I HELPED

      [deactivated user]

        By spelling, Portuguese is the closest to Spanish. However the pronunciations are a little more tricky. By pronunciation, Italian is closest to Spanish. There are no new sounds you would need to learn for Italian. I also find it different enough that I don't confuse them. Italian is the better option.


        Hi, I saw some answers where they recommend you Italian. I'm Italian and I'm learning Spanish...honestly it's quite difficult. I know many people say that they are close languages. We have words in Italian that are similar, but if you see what it means in Spanish it's quite the opposite, so it's kinda confusing. Also the Italian Grammar it's not so simple. I would suggest you French just because I find it easier to associate the grammar with it (for ex. the ending of the verbs). As for the pronunciation I agree, Italian it's quite similar. Anyway, this is my advice as a native Italian speaker & begginer in Spanish.


        Portuguese is really similar to Spanish! I went to Brazil this summer and could read quite a bit there as the words are spelled very similarly. However, they sound quite different. Spanish words are spelled the same way they're pronounced, but in Portuguese this isn't the case. For example. pro de queijo (cheese bread) is pronounced "pon dge kay-jew."


        correct spelling: pão de queijo

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