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HelloChinese has Duolingo addon

Some learners have already suggested HelloChinese for writing practice with the Chinese characters. Others have pointed out that "painting" the character on your phone with your finger is a less than optimum method for learning the art of calligraphy (ok) and that learning to type the characters is becoming more important than learning to write them (yup).

But brushing that debate aside, I just noticed on the HelloChinese app on my iPhone, that when you choose: "Learn" from the bottom menu bar and then choose the menu icon in the upper left corner, you'll see under "Add-ons" the choice "Duolingo Characters". It's the fantastic review tool I've been needing!

Characters are arranged according to the Duolingo lessons. You have a review card for each character with audio, pinyin, definitions and squares to practice writing. (TinyCards and Memrise are great, but this add-on is just what I needed for Chinese.)

I'm a rank beginner with Chinese, so if any of you pros know of similar or better review tools that coordinate with the Duolingo lessons, I'd love to hear about them.

January 21, 2018



No add-on for Android?


Sad. No Android version yet. :(


Guess it's time to bring my iPhone or iPad out of retirement :D


wow, I love that two of my favorite language learning apps are complimenting each other. or at least hello chinese is complimenting duo. so easy to get really good


Interesting. Good to see the market responding to demand (although I doubt DL is terribly chuffed by this!) Has HC fixed any of DL's pronunciation errors (e.g. 奇 being ji1 instead of qi2 when teaching the word '奇怪')?


Hi garpike. This feature is really useful to beginners in Chinese! The HC pronunciation of 奇 sounds to me like qi1, but I'm still a raw recruit and can't reliably distinguish j and q. :D


It's probably ji1, then (the difference is solely aspiration, a distinction not present in English). Ji1 is a valid reading (I don't believe qi1 is), just not very useful when introducing the character to teach a word in which it is not pronounced this way.


Thanks for the HelloChinese hint. You deserve a lingot :)


Is this the same on iPad? I can't find it. Under "Learn" I only have a "notifications" icon in the upper left corner and a "settings" gear icon in the upper right corner.

[deactivated user]

    If you practice with a computer, YellowBridge also has a great feature that allows you to type in a character and practice its strokes, pronunciation, get the meaning, etc.


    I am so happy to know about this!!! 谢谢你!

    [deactivated user]

      Hello. Did you find this on the IOS app? It was not on my Ipad.


      Thanks for letting us know about this tip!


      On what system are you finding this option? I have HelloChinese on a few devices and it isn't available on Android or on iOS. Can anyone help me?

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