"I don't like to be a politician"

Translation:Sipendi kuwa Mwanasiasa

January 21, 2018

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This doesn't make sense in English.

  • If you are an uhappy politician you could say "I don't like being a politician".

  • If you have another job (or no job) you could say "I don't want to be a politician".

Which do they mean when they say "Sipendi kuwa Mwanasiasa"?


It means the former: "I don't like being a politician."


Another useful Swahili phrase, in case I ever become a Tanzanian politician and find I don't like it. ;)


'Kuwa' is the infinitive state. It means to be/being just like kufanya means to do/doing. So 'sipendi kuwa mwanasiasa' can be translated as both 'I don't like to be a politician' and 'I don't like being a politician'


But (at least in British English) you can't say "I don't like to be a politician". That shouldn't be listed as the correct answer. It's so strange that it led me to post this question.

It should be the gerund: "I don't like being a politician" (if they really were talking about an uhappy politician, which you say they were). I reported it (Jan 2018).

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