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Lost all my progress in French/Perdí todo mi avance en francés

When I first installed the application, the interface was English and I started lessons in French. I'm not a beginner in French so I took the placement test. Days later I started Italian but I'm a beginner there and a Spanish native speaker so I changed the application interface to Spanish for the Italian lessons. French still shows but none of the progress I have achieved is there. Looks like I haven't done any work at all. How can I restore my progress? Cuando instalé la aplicación, la interface era inglés y comencé las lecciones de francés. No tengo nivel de principiante y tomé el examen de ubicación. Unos días después comencé con italiano pero aquí si soy princpiante y como mi lengua materna es español, cambié el idioma de la interface de la aplicación a español. Ahora todavía tengo francés como opción pero no muestra el avance que había tenido. Pareciera como que no he trabajado nada. ¿Cómo puedo recuperar mi avance?

January 21, 2018



The English Duolingo Help Center has answers to many questions.
Probably, this is the help text, you are looking for

Adding languages will not make you lose progress in existing courses. You can switch between courses you’ve started by clicking on the flag icon in the top right corner of Duolingo and selecting a different flag from the drop down menu.

If you switch your base language (the language you are learning from), some of your existing language trees may "disappear" from your menu. Don't worry! They are still there. To visit them again, simply change your base language back to what it was originally. The skill trees displayed depend on what language you have selected as the base language.


Thank you Pentaan, that "fixed" my problem and I found my progress again.

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