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Percentage problems / daily wager?

why does the % marker keep moving back? i was 57% fluent 15 lessons ago, and went up to 59%, now back down to 57%, even though I am continuously passing levels. what gives? and why does it keep telling me i lost my wager, even though i study daily?

January 21, 2018



Ignore the fluency percentage, it's not accurate, and not useful either. Duolingo can't calculate your fluency in a language with just lessons. And you need to meet your daily goal to keep your streak going; if you lose your streak, you will lose your wager too.


When you study, do you meet your XP target?

The fluency metric considers lots of parameters including how the number of errors you have and the speed which you answer the questions. Even so, the concensus is that it is a very unreliable measure.

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