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J'ai fini mon arbre!

I started DuoLingo in 2014. I've taken 4 years of the language in high school and 2 year at college, but never had the chance for immersion/study abroad. I've been learning French on and off via DuoLingo, but finally got around to completing what I started! It was a challenge with work and school, but I set my mind to it and finally did it & so can you (Preferably in less time)!

I am still not comfortable with full-speed French, but I'll be checking out DuoLingo stories and other resources to improve my comprehension. Along with that, I want others to go out and practice the language with others.

I encourage you to check out DuoLingo Events to see if your language is available in your area so you can practice in person:


It was not available in my territory, so I created a chapter! I had a pre-event and interest is there. If you know anyone in the Saint Louis, MO, USA territory, I welcome you to our future meetings!

Be the change that you want to see in the world. Set your mind on it and like my favorite actor (Shia LeBeouf) would say:

"Just DO IT!"

À votre succès! - Mike

January 21, 2018



heya! heres some advice to improve your french! Try to get to lev 14 at least then do the reverse tree Download Hello talk, u can chat, voice record, video call, voice call with natives use this website lingvist. Its quite unusula not many people know about this website. Please get this before they decide to make you pay. all lessons are free but you can get a premium to speak your answer instead of write next web callled speechling, helps speak next web called bussu(app aswell|) like duolingo but has useful phrases youtubers to watch, comme une frnace. shes amazing LOL HOPE I HELPED


Très bien. Merci!


Great advices, thanks. I use and love lingvist so I'll give your other suggestions a try. Merci et bonne chance!


Félicitacions !


Excellent ! Félicitations et bon succes avec ton groupe de "Events" à Saint Louis :-) Et salutations cordiales à ton hibou doré :-) :-)


your level is 11. The final level is 25... I see in your event you don't have Greece. Why? I don't know how it works


Ce n'est pas nécessaire d'atteindre le 25e niveau pour finir l'arbre. Je ne le vois pas aussi (Greece). Vous pouvez commencer "DuoLingo | Greece - Français"!


Félicitaciones!!! :D


Si vous voulez le défi, faites un cours avec le français comme votre langue. (J'ai commencé FR -> ESP. Je manque déjà le français!)


Félicitations et bonne continuation !


C'est joli de voir ce joli rond autour de ton avatar. Bravo et félicitations à toi


Felecitations and I hope your Duolingo Event is a success!


yo empezado Duolingo he tomado 4 años del lenguage alto colegio y dos años en universidad pero nunca tenido la oportunidad inmercion estudiar en elextrangero he estado aprendiendo Frances y apagado via duolingo,pero finalmente tiene alrededor completando que yo estoy empezando reto con trabajo y colegio pero conjunto mi mente finalmemte hizi esto asi que puedes tu (preferidamente un poso a tiempo.


Magnifique -- un lingot pour vous!


Félicitations! Bonne chance mec! :))

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