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Any French learning Tips/Apps or Websites(free)

coucou! Je veux apprendre le Francais car c'est langue d'amour et c'est amusemant mais c'est tres difficle. Tu as des astuces, applications ou sites internet pour moi? Hi, i want to learn french because it's the language of love and it's fun but it is really difficult. Do you have some tips, apps or websites for me? PS. They need to be free :)

January 21, 2018



This discussion links to all sorts of resources that might interest you.


Though it is overdue for a complete restructure.

This is one that walks you through the fist clutch of French skills here on Duolingo.


Also there are other Duolingo supported learning that is worthwhile checking out :

Podcasts || Stories || Tinycards ||

Events ||

Also the other card learning apps provided by others:


merci! Btw can i ask you if your doing the reverse course, how long you have een on duolingo and how you got to lev 23...very IMPRESSIVE! :)


Busuu and Babbel are good websites.


Depending of your French Level and interest, I have three suggestions:

  • Anki flashcard - spaced repetition flashcard program - free and you can download shared decks;
  • Bliu Bliu - it has fun stuff;
  • Learn French by listening app - this one is for more advance learners.

Keep on, Keep it on and you will get there. Most important, relax and have fun.


I am currently using frantastique from Le Monde. It's expensive, however, I think your first few lessons are free. Why I think it's worthwhile: the daily exercises and quizzes come with explanations on why the correct answer is correct (and why the incorrect answers are wrong). This is really helpful! I learn a lot from duolingo about what is correct by constant reexposure, but don't always know why it is correct. The explanations on the lessons in frantastique are really well done. Some things that have always stymied me (quelque or quelques, de or des) finally seem clear. If you can afford it, I recommend it. It's helped me take my french to the next level. Some other apps I use everyday are:

  1. Conjugaison (you can select which verb tenses you want to practice)
  2. French Vocab from Brainscape
  3. Yabla for French
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