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Traditional Characters?

I'm wondering how many people besides me would like to see traditional characters as an option? I've been learning them, then found out recently that duolingo had Mandarin as a course. Still learning traditional, so it's annoying to try to learn simplified simultaneously, and it really isn't difficult to make the modifications.

January 21, 2018



I'm also dying for Duo to add traditional characters. I've been studying traditional characters for the past three years and much prefer them to the simplified ones. 我最喜歡繁體字!❤️


I'm personally more interested in traditional characters. It both coincides with my Japanese and I'm more interested in Taiwan. I wish it was an option.


I would, especially because Traditional Characters show the history behind the character more than the simplified ones do. You can learn the traditional characters first and then after you can read and write, you will understand the simplified ones automatically.


Any updates on this? Are they going to add traditional characters?


I'm native, and when I'm asked to type in Simplified Chinese on Duolingo I accidentally type in Traditional. Both versions should be accepted


I'd also prefer learning traditional, since I've already been learning traditional as that's what is used where I am.

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