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Results of Foreign Language Poem Challenge!

This was a really hard decision to make, all the poems were absolutely AMAZING! Thank you to everyone who entered, if you would like me to host another one of these poem challenges please like this post, thanks! Alright, here are the winners and their poems...

1st Place~SilviaSpells Mujer de la Luna. (En Española)

Quiero un momento de tu silencio

Una palabra frio

Las niñas corren despues las gatas

Quien susurro a los árboles negros

De invierno sin fin

De los mariposas

Quien sigue el mar

Mujer de la Luna

Otros dios

Tu juegas en las cuerdas de mi corazon

Dias mas tarde recurdando tu alma

La leche de las palabras

Las palabras nandando como peces en mi cabeza

Otros dias lo recuerdo

Mariposas nadando en sus rios de pequenos silencios

Otra dia

El silencio de las palabras perdidas

Escucha a la luna

Moon Woman (English translation)

I want a moment of your silence

A cold word

The girls run after the cats

Who whisper to the black trees

Of endless winter

Of the butterflies

Who follow the sea

Moon woman

Other days you play on the strings of my heart

Days later I remember your soul

The milk of the words

The words swimming like fish in my head

Other days I remember

Butterflies swimming in their rivers of small silences

Another day

The silence of lost words

Listens to the moon

2nd Place~MasterZsword French

L’incendie luisant

Il heurte ma coeur,

tout de suite

C’est l’incendie qui détruit le mal

Et il lève ma innocence

--- Au lieu de provoquer ma méchanceté.

Intended translation (not literal translation):

The glistening fire

That strikes my heart,


Is the fire that tarnishes evil

And reaps up my innocence

-- Rather than igniting my spite.

3rd Place~seminotti Japanese:





Wonder if I should water the trees

it might still rain today

My pet acts like a lion

Outside the house, it becomes a crybaby

4thPlace~Unicorn295289 The rain hungarian translation: Az eső nagyon jó de szeretem kopogni különösen a magyar esõben amelyek kevésbé segítik az embereket Szeretem az esőt a szimbolizáció miatt a béke és a szeretet az egész nemzetben! Meaning:The rain is very good but i like to wear a snood especially in the hungarian rain which make people less vain I like the rain because of its symbolisation of peace and love across the nation!

Honorable Mention~KatieWhita5 here is my poem in italian the translation is underneath: augosto, caldie y secco, mucho caldie particolarmente en Becco. augusto es è divertente però, a caldo por un pharoah. translation: august, hot and dry, very hot especially in Becco (a hot city in italy) august is fun though, but still too hot for even a pharoah.

Honorable Mention~ sophiar55 El elephant, The elephant, El raton, The mouse, Un manzana, A apple, Un avocado, A avocado, Engles, English, Espanol, Spanish, Un lemon, A lemon, Una juevo. A egg. El grande el cheququito. Es fasi as eso! The big, the small. Its as easy as that!

Thank you again to everyone who entered and to everyone who likes this post!

January 22, 2018



Thanks Eden-Joy! I really enjoyed this challenge!


You are welcome, thank you for participating!


can you make another one instead it is a story one?


Sure! I was just thinking of doing that!

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