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Was für ein Tag

If für is followed by accusative and Tag is masculine, why should we say ein, not einen?

January 22, 2018



Yep, this can be confusing. Consider "Was für ein Tag!" or "Was für eine Nacht!" as idiomatic expressions, if you wish. If one extends these slightly by adding an adjective, note the ending on the adjective. "Was für ein schöner Tag! Was für eine schöne Nacht! Was für ein schönes Haus!

Nominative case endings, not accusative! Interesting, right?


Yes. I almost wrote the wrong word in another website because of this. Thanks.


Not a German native, so could be wrong. But from my understanding, it's not the regular use of "für" (for), rather an idiom, meaning "what a day", so should be the reason.


Sorry for the useless reply, the post appeared to have no answers when I read it, then I hit "post", and you had all the informations needed. Have a nice… day :)


Adding to what the others wrote: "Was für ein(e) ...?" with a question mark would mean "What [thing]?", so e.g. "Was für eine großartige Eröffnungsnummer" can either mean, as an exclamation, "What a great opening number!" or, with a question mark, "What great opening number? (I didn't realize there was one / I thought it was really lame)"

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