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  5. "Walimu wenu"

"Walimu wenu"

Translation:Your teachers

January 22, 2018



Isn't "wenu" used for singular nouns? it should be your teacher.


No. Wenu doesn't tell us if the noun is plural or singular. Possessives referring to nouns in class 1/2 (M/WA) start with "w-" whether it's singular or plural.

mwalimu wenu "Your teacher"
walimu wenu "Your teachers"

-enu is "your" when addressing more than one person. (Silly English makes it ambiguous). If you're talking to just one person, it's

mwalimu wako "Your teacher"
walimu wako "Your teachers"


Foreign language learning is one of the places I wish we could use some old English. Thou/you clears up that singular/plural so nicely.


Oh WOW! Now I have gripped that.

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