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In level 2 & on level 3, found some sounds have two different symbols and same for Eng/Kor. Help!

January 22, 2018



A lot of consonant pairs, ex. k/g, could be pronounced either way depending on the situation of other surrounding sounds in the given context. Certain vowels, like ae and e, are virtually identically pronounced in standard Korean.


Thanks, Johnny. Helpful info. I checked out some other apps and got a breakdown of vowels, consonants, the different types. So, understand more about them. Is there any place on Duolingo where info is available about the pronunciations and spellings? Thank you, CM


What Johnny said, i'm going to be buying a book to use along with Duolingo. It's called Korean Made Simple. I'll let you know how it is if you want.


Great idea! Yes, please let me know how you like the book. Thanks!

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