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I want to improve my English and to have friends (Skype)

Hello everyone! My name is ipul, a graduated engineering student from Indonesia. Nice to meet you all... :)

First of all, thank you for reading this post. As it's written at its title, I want to improve my English and at the same time I want to make friends from overseas (hopefully with the native English speaker).

I am having a problem with writing and speaking, I made mistakes here and there, so that I need a platform / application that I could use as the media to have friends and to improve my English, which is Skype. It'd be cool if you guys could leave your Skype ID on the comment section below, so I could add yours.

Umm,... actually I am not good at writing like this kind of personal brand to promote myself and asking for help, so... I'm sorry if this post scares you.. :D

Oh yes, I do want to have friends and only friends. Therefore, I don't have any specific requirements (guys and girls could leave a message). Or, if you're afraid to leave yours, just add mine: ipul.harlindong

Looking forward to meet you, and nice to meet you~

January 22, 2018



What kind of Engineering degree did you get?


check me on Eliah Steven


Good morning ipul, Muy buenos dias ipul,

Add me here first. It would be a pleasure to help out from time to time. Primero, agregame aqui. Es un placer que ayudarte algun veces.

Have a great day Que le via bien


Hey dude! I dont have a skype but i have an email....?


how good are you at korean


ps.... nice to meet you!

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