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  5. "What is the book like?"

"What is the book like?"

Translation:Jaká je ta kniha?

January 22, 2018



Why is this sentence wrong without the "ta"?


We are speaking about some concrete book here "the book". So Czech uses "ta kniha" to point to that concrete book.


Hi, VladaFu. I don't want to sound like a dick or anything, but we're speaking about a specific book.

In this meaning konkrétní = particular, specific.

I only mention this so that your English-speaking students don't think the choice of using "ta" is based on whether the noun is abstract or concrete. Just trying to help.


I followed the Merriem-Webster dictionary:

What you are referring to:

1 : naming a real thing or class of things

the word poem is concrete, poetry is abstract


What I meant:

3 a : characterized by or belonging to immediate experience of actual things or events

b : specific, particular

a concrete proposal

But I honestly don't know which meaning is the most common, I normally try to avoid this word because I fear confusing it with the stuff you make bunkers from.


Could the confusion be solved by making the English prompt have "this book" instead of "the book"?


That is a slightly different sentence and would carry the exact same problems (if there are any). We would just switch the for this and ta for tahle, but everything else would remain the same.


Could the English translation also be " How is the book?" like asking about how you like the book, or is it more like a comparison ("The book is like the last one I read") ?


"How is the book?" also is accepted.

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