Hey Everyone. I used to really struggle with the work 'noch'. I still struggle with it but I'm getting better. My latest word that I'm struggling with is 'doch'. This is really confusing to me can you guys please send some websites or comment some examples of how it's used and how I can use it. I really want to sound German so learning this is my next step in German.


January 22, 2018


(1) doch means "yet" in most cases:

Ich finde die Frage zwar einfach, doch ich tue mich schwer, sie zu beantworten.

"Even though I find the question simple, I am having trouble answering it."
"I find the question simple, yet answering it is hard for me."

As with "yet", doch can also be introduced to start off whole new sentences, not only sub-clauses.


(2) doch may also be a negative reply to a negative (thereby yielding a positive):

Du bist gar nicht müde, oder? -- Doch, ich bin müde.

"You aren't tired (at all), are you?" -- "Yes, I am."

Note that in this example ja as a reply would mean the exact opposite. It would mean you are not tired indeed.


(3) doch may be used in utterances where it adds some kind of exclamatory touch:

Das ist doch kein Hirngespinst! -- Aber ja doch!

"But that is not a phantasm!" -- "But certainly, yes!"


I ordered those three variants according to their frequency of appearance. Generally, I would recommend going for "yet" or "but" first (except for answer-reply scenarios, there it would mostly mean "indeed" / "that negation was wrong"). I picked three examples where you can see a relatively strong semantic-pragmatic relation between the usages of doch.

Love 'doch!" My German instructors (immersion program) all used it frequently. Nodding in agreement -- "Doch, doch;" emphasis "Doch!". Also used in combination with other fill-words -- "Doch noch," " ... ja doch noch ... "

Do you know Louis de Funes? Here is a funny scene with "doch":

Ascribed to Galileo: Und sie bewegt sich doch! Mumbled after he had to recant his theory of the earth orbiting around the sun.

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