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  5. "Červenec skončil včera."

"Červenec skončil včera."

Translation:July ended yesterday.

January 22, 2018



Jde pouzit predpritomny cas?


Moc si nedovedu predstavit, v jake souvislosti by to slo. Skoncil, je po nem, uz nikdy nebude. Ne ten letosni. Hotovo. Ke vsemu tam ma to "vcera", takze uz je to opravdu uzavrena kapitola.


Pravda. Spletl jsem se.


Why is ‘končil’ not possible in this sentence?


Please note that you are commenting under an exercise in the Czech -> English direction.

This is like "was ending". It can exist, it is a possible sentence, but would not be the right translation of the English sentence in the other direction.


Sorry - this is the first time I've come across skončit and I'm not understanding the difference between that and končit. My dictionary defines them both the same.


končit is imperfective, skončit is perfective

For every verb you learn you need to know the aspect. Good dictionaries list them.

Červenec už končí. - July is already ending.

Červenec už skončil. - July has already ended.

Ta párty už v osm končila. - The party was already ending at eight.

Ta párty skončila v devět hodin. - The party finished at nine o'clock.


Thank you.

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