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  5. "I am thirsty!"

"I am thirsty!"

Translation:Mám žízeň!

January 22, 2018



what about using "žízniv"?


well, technically it is correct. In reality somebody used this last time in about 1874. It sounds like something you would only read in a historical novel. The same goes for "jsem hladov". If you used it in a restaurant, the waiter would likely laugh till he cries and than bring you something to drink.

Though correct I am hesitant to add as an acceptable answer simply because in real life is is non existent.

And, of course, It would be "Já jsem žízniv/hladov". Not "Já mám..."


Even "Jsem žíznivý." is a bit strange, but the short forms of adjectives are really obsolete with a few exceptional phrases.

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