"Municipiile sunt orașe mai mari."

Translation:The municipalities are bigger cities.

January 22, 2018

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I think "Municipalities are bigger cities" should also be correct?


Why towns is not accepted?


“Municipiu” is an official title conferred to Romanian towns. There are three or four classes of municipii:

  • 0: Only București, the capital (official class?)
  • 1: Big towns such as Cluj or Timișoara
  • 2: Not quite as big but still significant towns such as Sibiu / Hermannstadt
  • 3: Less significant towns, often not called municipiu but simply oraș.

As the European Union requires member states to have a certain percentage of towns (urban population) it is not surprising that Romania promoted several (many?) villages to towns in the first years of the 21st century.


What class would be the city of Galati?


That's not really related to learning Romanian, and it can be easily found from encyclopaedic sources. Galați (the capital of the homonymous județ) is a municipiu of rank/class 1. All județ capitals are municipiu's, at least of rank 2.


yup you are probably right, but it is related to the Romanian culture... and I must admit I was lazy to look for it, but was sure any Romanian will know to give me the answer. Big multumesc to you and have two lingots for your time to answer me non linguistic question :D :D :D


And what about Braşov-Kronstadt-is this a Municipiu likeHermanstadt or Nürenberg (for example)?


Obviously you did not read what I wrote here in April 2019, so I am going to repeat it: “All județ capitals are municipiu's.” So obviously Braşov is a municipiu. You can find the complete list here:


The only Nuremberg In know of is Nürnberg in Germany. Germany has no municipiu's.

Again, I do not see how all this helps us learn Romanian.


Why is "the municipalities are bigger towns" wrong?

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