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  5. "Afrika ist kein Land."

"Afrika ist kein Land."

Translation:Africa is not a country.

April 13, 2014



Thanks Duo, African is definitely not a country. Africa is a continent


What is the german word for continent?


der Kontinent

Sometimes der Erdteil but I would recommend using the loan word; it’s much more common.


Afrika ist kein Land, sondern ein Kontinent - this should be correct, right? And I mean correct German, not correct answer here.


Afrika ist kein Land, sondern ein Kontinent - this should be correct, right? And I mean correct German, not correct answer here.

Yes: that's a correct German sentence.


Hmm Erdteil is like part of the world. Statt Kontinent dann doch ehr Platte (von Kontinental-Platte)


Hmm Erdteil is like part of the world.

Literally, yes. But it's treated as German synonym to the Latin-derived Kontinent.


Good one Duo!


Technically, there was a muslim kingdom in Libya that's name translates to Africa. Its name comes from the former Roman province in the area. So technically, Africa WAS a country, or at least in the sense that it was an autonomous kingdom.


Thanks Duo. Africa consists of at least 54 countries with people of diverse cultures and colors.


interesting... to say the least


If "Land" in German means a country, how to you say land (the general English term)?


Why 'Africa is not a land' is wrong?


Because it IS a land?


wow, until now I thought 'land' refers to a country..


Well you are right, it certainly could be a country... just not exclusively. Think of the phrases "you are living in a fantasy land", "Moses spoke of the promised land", or the "Land of Oz". All of these are more like regions that share common traits.

I imagine that it is easier to associate 'Land' with a country because the larger the scope, the easier it is to focus on the differences. However, in the context of a Western/European viewpoint, these differences in Africa often may not stand out. http://www.acegeography.com/africa-a-land-of-contrast.html

Since 'land' is much more subjective in English than is German counterpart 'Land", I would that is why you were unable to translate Land into land.

I often find myself trying to put too much English in my Deutsch. Sometimes I think it would be easier if they weren't so similar.


Which language are you writing in? Is the "land" english or german?


This really begs the question how do you say land in German as in the distant/far-off land of Africa? Apparently land originally meant country, country still sometimes means countryside, earth originally meant land (which doesn't work in modern German?), and then starting in about 1400 came to mean the planet instead. Is there not a word eine Landmasse for a landmass (though that's rather too technical)? Would ein Teil der Erde for a part of the earth work? Or would that could include sea?

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