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  5. "Kde je ta kráva?"

"Kde je ta kráva?"

Translation:Where is the cow?

January 22, 2018



Where is this cow? - is it right?


In this case, I'd say it's more equivalent to THAT or THE. Since you are unable to locate the cow, you can't identify it as "this" cow, because you have nothing to point to or refer to, since with the question, you're looking for it.


But it could be used if you spoke about the cow previously, like if you had a conversation with someone about his new cow that he's purchased, and you would ask "No, a kde je ta kráva?", which in this case would be translated as "Well, and where is this cow?"


It is possible you will find such corner cases. However, this version of the course consistently divides the/that (ten/tamten/tamhleten) and this (tento/tenhle/tenhleten). and it will stay that way in this version.

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