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New member issues....

New to using DuoLingo as of less than two weeks ago. Signed up on android tablet, did a handful of French lessons. (Previously fluent so strong familiarity.) Just wanted to get feel for how DuoLingo works. (Had also read through most of the Help Q) Moved over to PC and a large number of lessons showed they'd been completed when I knew they hadn't been but couldn't really gauge how far back to track. And to then work forward through lessons which didn't display as needing to be completed. Didn't mind the refresher but took several days to feel like things were in sync with where I felt I should be. Think I saw post, in Discussion (which I don't find particularly user-friendly...unsure if this is being posted properly ), about issue of syncing between devices. Disappointed if I can't move between tablet and PC and maintain progress.

Also doing Spanish and German. I'm surrounded by Spanish, daily, so somewhat comfortable with it, but hadn't revisited German since college studies decades ago. Yet, German was pacing well ahead of Spanish. Today, after doing one Spanish lesson, fluency suddenly jumped from 27% to 34% and after one more lesson it jumped to 38. Huh? Did a lesson in French and fluency jumped 5%. Confused as to these leaps.

I'm also experiencing frustration with doing Strengthening sessions and being told my answer is wrong, so change it to the previously-displayed response the next time it's shown only to be advised it's also wrong (and, in one case, my initial answer is now allegedly correct). Not going to take screenshots of wrong answers just in case they're re-tested. Too tedious and, learned early on, re-doing a Strengthening session means a variation of the test, not the exact same session. Unfamiliar as to how to report these instances.

By and large, enjoying the process and am admittedly bingeing just because it's both fun and challenging, but the glitches take away from some of the enjoyment factor. I was going to add a couple more languages but will hold off, doing so, until I have a better understanding of what to expect. TIA for feedback.

January 22, 2018



Welcome to Duolingo! Sorry to hear you've been experiencing frustration; hopefully we can help clear things up.

Syncing between devices is usually not an issue (if using the same account on both), so I wouldn't worry about it, unless your devices are set to different time zones, in which case you may occasionally lose your streak. As for the fluency percentages, they are highly inaccurate and have not been added to later courses, so I wouldn't go by them to gauge your progress. They may very likely be removed in future updates.

Wrong "wrong answers" are a constant source of fretting and bewilderment for many people here, but normally occur on newly released courses which do not yet have alternative answers added. On mature courses like Spanish, French and German, though, it's more likely that you overlooked a typo in your answer. If you do run across any wrong answers that you are certain of, please do use the Report button (the little flag icon on the side of the answer ribbon) to let the moderators know!

Wishing you the best in your studies! Feel free to contact us or a course moderator with any other questions you may have (though often if you search in the Discussion forums you can find where someone has asked the same question and been answered!) Glad to have you here!


Even those who work at Duolingo agree that the 'Fluency' meter does not work and doesn't accurately portray fluency at all. I personally don't understand why it's still there. It says I'm 50% fluent in Spanish, but I doubt very highly I could hold anything more than a basic conversation in Spanish. I would ignore it. There are multiple answers to some questions, and as more get passed through beta and people see the question, the mistakes are noticed. It may take time, but the mistakes will eventually be fixed. I hope you enjoy revisiting and learning languages! Duolingo is a unique experience that you can't find anywhere else.


i am new too. i need a lot of help. i also know what you mean


this happens to me aswell. Im on pc right now and it says im 55 or 56 percent fluent but on my iphone it says im 57 percent fluent. I guess thats just how it is but dont mind it cuz . It might be an issue duolingo should be informed to fix

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