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  5. "잡지에 볼펜으로 쓴 메시지가 있다."

"잡지에 볼펜으로 메시지가 있다."

Translation:There is a message written in ballpoint pen in the magazine.

January 22, 2018



Just how do you write in a ballpoint pen? While you can write in ink, you write with a ballpoint pen.


It seems okay to me. Specifying "ballpoint pen" is unusual for English, but the sentence "I write in pen" works just fine.


Duolingo has a really weird obsession with distinguishing between 볼펜 and 펜, and forcing us to awkwardly specify "ballpoint pen" every time we see 볼펜, even though in my experience koreans pretty much just use 볼펜 and 펜 interchangeably in circumstances where English speakers would always just say "pen".


The same way you write in pencil. Just for contrast, I've never heard anyone say "write in lead" (or graphite).


(there is a message in the magazine written with a ballpen) ??


Why not 'write with'?


How wrong is "there is a written message by ballpen in the magazine"?

Edit: I guess that "written message" might be wrong here (not sure cuz it seems right to me but who knows) so ignore that part.

Ball point is a ball-pen, write? And why can't we say "written by?" do you write "in" pen? don't you use it?


"written message" is just fine, though it would be a "ballpoint pen written message".

"By ballpoint pen" is also fine, but it would be "message written by ballpoint pen".


We have some Sherlock holmes level sleuthing here.

How can one recognize that it was a ballpoint pen as opposed to a not ball point pen?

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