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[deactivated user]

    For those who have already done some German stories (or even all), what was your favourite one? Or favourites ones?

    I'm halfway Set Two, and found the "Es ist drei Uhr morgens!" and especially the 3-part "Speed Dating" stories particularly amusing.

    Also... what is roughly the success rate in your replies? I average around 70% on the right answers.

    January 22, 2018



    They were fun but a bit too short and easy. I only got a few questions wrong over all the stories, but I did have to look a lot of words up. It whetted my appetite for reading stories in German--I read the "Dino lernt Deutsch" series (bought on Amazon) and now I'm reading the "Krimi in Berlin" books, which are much harder but a lot of fun. I recommend the Dino series for people who enjoyed the stories. It starts out very easy. Adds on more vocabulary as the books progress, but the stories are very easy to follow because the grammar isn't complex.

    [deactivated user]

      I think they were short but didn't found them that easy mostly because of the new words. I tried not to hover on them and go by deduction and logic... which was a bit hit-and-miss.

      Once I finish the 20 I intend to remake them. They are a good post-tree entertainment and it's refreshing to hear new and real voices speaking German on the site.

      Thank you for your opinion.


      Yeah, my scores would've been lower if I hadn't looked up so many words. Had to review them again later without all the hints! I'm a dictionary fiend even in my native language, so it's tough to break that habit even when I know it's good practice to try to deduce the meanings.


      I liked Speed Dating and Herumschleichen the best; both were amusing.

      [deactivated user]

        If anyone is still following this thread... my "Ein geheimnisvolles Date" grinds to halt halfway... has anybody been able to complete it yet? I got stuck 3 times already.

        I made a post on the troubleshooting forum early this week but got no reply yet.


        Have you tried using a different browser? I got stuck on one of the stories (I think it was the 2nd or 3rd in series 1) but I got through it in the end... I just tried doing "Ein geheimnisvolles Date" again and didn't have problems, so maybe it's an issue with the cookies your browser has stored, or something like that? (Not a tech person here--I was just following the post, so your comment popped up in my email.)

        [deactivated user]

          Yes, I would assume not many people were following this topic anymore but one would be enough, especially if they said the story was working fine... meaning that was something on my side.

          You've beat me at my own game... I usually tell people to switch browsers in similar situations but forgot to apply the same recipe to me. Will give it a spin later on.

          BTW, see how your posts on my thread you gracefully "hijacked" were well received? You got some upvotes and some lingots. That should motivate you to open a thread whenever you feel like to. Not every thread will be a blast... I had a couple of threads with 2 replies and one even stands currently at -2 (it touches on gender stuff in a playful way but apparently some people become irked about it), while others reached 80/90 comments and 10/20 upvotes.

          You seem like a thoughtful person so the wisdom of the crowds will make justice to your posts.

          Thanks for the help. :)


          You're welcome! Least I can do after hijacking your post. ;-)

          And thanks for the kind words... I get really anxious. Maybe I'll post some time if I have anything interesting to say. The post was fun! Thanks.

          Hope you got the story working.

          [deactivated user]

            Thank you Elyse, I was indeed able to complete it on Chrome.


            I felt bad for poor Marie in "Speed Dating." She got three trolls if there ever were trolls to be had. At least she had her ex-bf to go back to.

            I don't know what percent I get right. I've never really tried to keep track.

            I generally hover over words I don't know or ones I knew but forgot. I should try to get the gist of it and not hover over the unknown words just to change it up. It'd be pretty tough to do, though, with the stories I'm on. I'm about halfway through my tree but reading the stories from set 9 (there are 14 sets of stories total). I hate to go back to the 7th set, but maybe I should. I imagine that corresponds to where I'm at in my tree. I didn't realize 'til I looked just now that I was that far into the story sets.

            Trying to deduce the meaning from what you do know without looking up each word could be taken from the playbook of the whole language approach I learned in college. It's a philosophy for teaching reading that relies on context and the text as a whole for understanding. This as opposed to phonics instruction, where you learn the sounds each group of letters makes and then build those sounds into words. Once you have the words, you build those words into sentences and understand the meaning that way. It can demonstrated that we use both approaches when we try to make sense of something we read. I think both have their place, and purely doing it one way or the other is a hard row to hoe.

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